Monday, September 26, 2011

Old North Church

This Happens to be a very famous and historic window in Boston.

Ironicly it also happens to be bricked up.

Imagine a image of Robert Newman climbing out of a window.

Too hokey and literal or is it a cool idea?

I would do a photo sim but at the moment I don't have pictures of someone in period costume climbing out a window.

Boarded and bricked up ground level windows.

This is what people walking the Freedom Trail experience after 5:00 when the gates of the Old North Church close.

There are 2 more I am not showing.

Tileston Street
Unity Street Maybe go over the chain link with something nice to look at?

167 Salem st

Here is a blank and tagged up wall on N. Bennet street.

Its been like this for over a decade.

Nazzaro Center brick up

Here is a strange bricked up window that makes for a great baseball backstop.

The Nazarro Center has 2 bricked up windows in the front.

This is one of them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Its Bordering on Boring Boarding

One of these buildings is not like the others.

A bunch of these building are kinda the same.

One of these buildings is doing its own thing.

Now its time to play our game.

Its time to play our game.