Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Cross Street to Bear

I feel lucky to have witnessed the Central Artery get dismantled.

I saw the new face to the North End and at first
I did not like what I saw.

I have since got used to it.

I gave a lot of thought into the image that belongs on this wall.
Its the Hanover street gateway.

I finally came up with the concept of an Ariel photo of the
North End.
At one point I was thinking about renting a helicopter
and getting my own image.
In the end I chose this photo by Jonathan Klein.
Maybe some day I can get permission and raise the money.

No "Welcome to the North End" text required.

Why do the property owners of these buildings with billboards get to collect $$$$,
while the rest of us have to visually suffer.  

Why is there a blank billboard over a old and interesting mural?

Why do parking lots need chain link fence surrounding them?

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